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Organisation Development, Process Facilitation, Training and Coaching.

Who is footsteps

Experienced practitioners in organisation development.

footsteps  is a professional not-for-profit association of Organisation Development (OD) and development practitioners working with civil society organisations (CSOs) in Africa and other parts of the world which provides products and processes that strengthen CSOs and enhances effectiveness and impact.

We support CSOs to contribute to ensuring justice, health, equity and development in society.

Our working principles:

  • We support rather than direct the development process of our client
  • Change and development require will; neither can be 'made to happen' without the active participation and choice of the client
  • We facilitate learning through personal and organisational reflection on current practice. Development begins from where the person or organisation is now
  • There are no 'magic bullets': each client and each situation is unique and requires a unique response


  • Facilitates development processes, specifically in the field of OD
  • Offers open and customised training programmes
  • Offers coaching
  • Develops publications on OD, change and development
Facillitation of Process

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What's New

Training : Leadership Development for ECD and NPO's

LFA ( Logical Framework Approach) for Project Planning
Upon request
3-5 days

Facilitator Development Programme
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Governance of NGOs-
Learning to be effective