Anita Simon

Anita works with individuals and organisations to support their learning and development processes.

Her work – whether it consists of process facilitation, organisation development and strengthening, or a variety of trainings – is always uniquely designed to meet her clients’ particular needs.

She began her career in public sector management in Norway, but moved to Angola more than 20 years ago. There, she worked in a leadership position at UNICEF, and later, for a Norwegian NGO.

More recently, Anita has been based in South Africa and worked with clients in Southern Africa, Eastern Africa and Indonesia.

Most of her clients work with diversity and in the human rights, gender rights and development sectors. They include national and international NGOs, other civil society organisations, UN bodies and faith-based organisations. She has also worked in the private sector, offering training and coaching to middle managers and leaders.

Her work has always been more than a job. She emphasises the importance of involvement, commitment, enthusiasm, excellent communication skills and respect for diverse points of view and ways of being.