Warren Banks

Warren works with organisations and leaders to find unique responses to the challenges and opportunities they face.

He facilitates strategic thinking, change management and OD processes. Most of his work is around making meaning with clients, supporting them to think through big ideas and questions, and make informed choices. He is intrigued by the challenge of aligning strategy, practice, systems and culture to enable real effectiveness.

In recent years Warren has devoted a significant portion of his time to leading evaluation and review processes; he specialises in participatory, learning-centred evaluations that feed directly into strategy development. He has also designed and facilitated conferences and other multi-stakeholder learning and decision-making processes, regionally and internationally.

Based in South Africa, he works in Southern, East and West Africa, and in Europe.

Most of his current clients are in the human rights, development, environmental, and research sectors.

Warren is also a writer and poet (https://amzn.to/31Tce2J).